Knowledge is the key to a successful financial future. Shikilia's background, experience and commitment to providing the resources needed to make financial decisions, can help shape successful financial futures.  She prides herself in getting to know each client so that she can understand their individual needs and what matters most to them.  This helps her recommend products and strategies designed to meet each client's current need, and more importantly, their future needs.

Latoya Hill is the Founder of Closet Women Prayer and Book Club.  Being raised in church, Latoya made the realization that Jesus needed to be more than an accessory in her life and knew this transformation would only happen through Prayer.  Closet Women PBC encourages other women to pursue Lord through Prayer, Study and Fellowship.  Latoya lives in Fort Worth with her husband and four children. 

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J.R., a varsity basketball coach and teacher, and Vickie, a special education teacher, never imagined that a part-time business with Genesis PURE could change their lives in so many ways. They owned a farm, had incurred tremendous debt over the years, and were ready for a change.  “Nobody gets into teaching to get rich and we lived paycheck to paycheck. We wanted to get out of debt and have options.”


Albokai-Strauser, is a Driven To Success speaker and mastermind leadership trainer. She coaches and consults with entrepreneurs nationwide through her coaching & consulting practice, Janice Albokai DrivenTo Success Millionaire Mindset.

In television, she writes and produces a weekly TV series "DFW Talks".  a web based talk-show format, DFW Talks is focused on providing affordable media exposure to the small business community as well as to non profit organizations.

Throughout  her career, Janice has mentored and coached more than 10,000 business owners nationwide in sales and marketing, personal development & leadership principles.